Social Media Management

When it comes to driving traffic and gaining interest in your products or services, nothing is more important than a strong social media presence. ElectrIQ Marketing, headed by two Gen-Z founders who have immersed themselves in social media since day one, takes a ground up approach that furnishes businesses with a strong social media foundation. This foundation consists of not only just setting up accounts, but providing businesses with the methods, strategies, and tools to make the most of each social media platform and its unique advantages. These methods ultimately enable businesses to grow a strong follower/subscriber base and see important results both on a short-term and, more importantly, long-term basis.


Instagram Management

Instagram following for businesses is a way to build a reputable brand, and also reach out to the people already your customers. When someone follows a business account they are volunteering to be involved in future product releases and sales, so it's free advertising. The only problem is that most people don't know how to gain a credible following; and many businesses buy fake followers on Instagram because they don't know its a waste of money.

Based on experience and our founders' success in garnering a following of thousands of people, ElectrIQ Marketing believes the key to developing a strong following entails:

  • Using correct hashtags to target communities that share interests with your business

  • Not only posting product or service images, but other types that appeal to the ethos of people

  • Finding current trends to associate with your product or service

  • Use current customers' Instagram to drive traffic to your page


Facebook Management

Facebook management uses our ElectrIQ content strategy, so here's a simple breakdown:

Step 1:   Short Snippets, with only interesting (not informative) information, quickly draw attention from potential customers, and suggest action. An example would be "like this post if you agree that...."

Step 2:   Medium length pieces of content for interesting and informative hints about the product or service, and may contain likes to target pieces of content

Step 3:   Large pieces of content that are very informative and detail the product(s) or service(s) that you provide. For example:

  1. "The benefits of...."

  2. "You probably didn't know...."

  3. "How you can tell if...."

  4. While these are pretty general content titles, it works well to combine trending topics alongside your product or service too

Why does this strategy work?

We place an emphasis on smaller snippets because the content is going out to an audience that has generalized interests. When a potential customers like a very simple post, it shows they actually put time into reading it. This creates an entry point for them as a potential customer. Over time, as this data is extracted from all posts, we can see individuals start engaging with content of a larger length, which shows they are becoming increasingly interested in the product or service.


Twitter Management

Twitter is an important component of any social media marketing outreach. A single tweet allows you to send out a quick attention grabbing message with a character limit of 140, forcing you to be concise and direct. Plus, you can tweet out both photos and videos to keep customers up to date on products and processes within the business. No room for fluff, twitter is the ideal social media platform for your no-nonsense customers.

In addition, twitter has a set of very unique advantages:

  • Tweets arrive at every followers feed, unlike many other social media outlets which filter messages arriving in users feeds.

  • All tweets are brief making the site perfect for attention grabbing photos and messages.

  • Twitter is more fast-paced than other social media outlets, with messages being brief. This makes the platform perfect for throwing out ideas and surveying the interests of your consumer.

  • Users can retweet your tweets, grabbing attention for your brand in the quick and fast-paced twitter environment.


Pinterest Management

Every social media outlet has unique aspects and Pinterest is no exception. Unlike many outlets, Pinterest is solely image driven making it great for posting images of new products and services. Furthermore, you can build boards within Pinterest that are specifically geared for certain content and types of products, making sure you draw the right traffic. These targeted interest boards allow you to fully engage the viewer with visuals of products they will find appealing.  

Here's a few bullet points on some of Pinterests strengths:

  • According to Omnicore, 81% of Pinterest users are female, making it great for those who are looking to appeal to that demographic.

  • Pinterest is still a good option for marketing to men because, according to Omnicore, as of January 2018, 40% of new Pinterest sign ups are male.

  • Boards with a large number of images can allow customers and potential customers to view multiple products at once, grabbing their interest and engaging them in your brand. Plus, with an increased number of images, odds are they'll see something they like.

  • Boards can be geared to specific categories and certain types of content, enabling businesses to create boards that consist of related products and services, making sure that viewers are seeing various images that they can engage with.


Snapchat Management

Snapchat helps businesses create a cohesiveness between their brand and their customers. When they can see what goes on behind the scenes, they feel connected and are more likely to revisit the store and recommend their friends. Things businesses can put on snapchat to increase interest are:

  1. New Product Releases

  2. Everyday result-oriented work

  3. Behind the scenes and funny events that occur in the workplace.

Behind the scenes "snaps" work well because they build trust and create transparency for customers.

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