Past Clients

Since our founding, we have helped numerous small business owners take their company to the next level. Take a look below to see some of our past clients.


Rugged Bison

Rugged Bison offers handcrafted men's grooming products and clothing as part of a unique lifestyle brand. Recently, they teamed up with ElectrIQ Marketing to begin an ad campaign. After we design a comprehensive and company specific ad strategy, we'll be helping target their key customers through innovative ads on both Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

Try my t

Try My T is a freshly brewed, thirst quenching blend of gourmet black iced tea. Delicately sweetened with agave nectar, it combines a fruity flavor with a tad bit of mint. In 2017, it won the "People's Choice Award" at the 2017 Global Tea Championship. Recently, Try My T teamed up with ElectrIQ Marketing so that we could complete an SEO audit and implementation. Through keyword research and optimization, along with the fine tuning of other website facets, we are helping bring new traffic and growth to Try My T so that they can take their business and tea to the next level.



Neepa Hut

Neepa Hut designs Southeast Asian inspired accessories and goods. Handcrafted with sustainable materials, the accessories keep the rich traditions and heritage of Southeast Asian artisans alive. Neepa Hut has teamed up with ElectrIQ Marketing to complete a full search engine optimization audit and implementation, along with setting up a brand new customer mailing system. Together, we look forward to growing Neepa Hut’s brand and business by increasing customer engagement and driving relevant and organic traffic to their site.

Healthy roots

Healthy Roots Hemp Products’ mission is to bring natural treatments to their customers that provide safe alternatives to traditional western medicine. In order to continue to expand their business, they have teamed up with ElectrIQ Marketing to implement a new social outreach strategy and a full search engine optimization. We look forward to both helping Healthy Roots make new lead-to-customer conversions through these methods, and building the framework for a sustainable business that can continue to grow for many years to come.

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immortal perfumes

Immortal Perfumes is a micro-perfumery that offers a line of vintage, historically based, handmade perfumes. Each scent is composed of an original recipe that features essential and fragrance oils. As a commitment, Immortal Perfumes never uses any oils that were derived from animals. Now, ElectrIQ Marketing and Immortal Perfumes have joined together to begin work on both SEO optimization and a media kit. With these two projects, we are bringing new traffic to Immortal Perfumes' website and increasing brand awareness, all of which will help Immortal Perfumes grow today and into the future. 

Designs by masue

Designs by Masue is a lifestyle brand that offers original handprinted textiles and sewn-to-order pieces. Their clothing is inspired by nature and its many facets. Recently, ElectrIQ Marketing teamed up with Masue to complete an SEO audit and implementation and a brand new media kit. With these steps, ElectrIQ marketing looks forward to bringing to Masue their desired consumer traffic and, ultimately, the  business growth they are looking for. 



Unique Clay

Unique Clay offers pottery pieces that are full of character and all one of a kind. We have joined together to work on their SEO in order to bring more foot traffic to their site by increasing there relevance in search engines and optimizing their key words, all of which will bring product awareness to the next level for Unique Clay. 

craft donuts & coffee

Dedicated and passionate, this small shop brings small-batch handcrafted donuts and locally roasted coffee to West Dundee, IL. ElectrIQ Marketing partnered with Craft to capitalize on their online presence, improving their site's layout and implementing SEO-friendly modifications. Weekly blog posts have increased customer engagement and increased web influence. In addition, a new bi-weekly online menu designed by ElectrIQ Marketing, a redesigned and refined media kit, and the beginning stages of modern infographics to add to their shop have taken Craft Donuts + Coffee to the next level.




A collection of clothing started on the beaches of California. this companies goal is to redefine the way we shop for fashion by creating high quality clothing that doesn't add to the carbon footprint. Seeking to increase traffic to their site, Love Faustine and ElectrIQ Marketing have just begun a full-scale SEO audit to improve web and keyword ranking on Love Faustine's Shopify site.

from, mila

From, Mila is a unique, world travel inspired brand of home accessories, apparel, and bags. All of the designs featured are printed by hand using a block process. Now, From, Mila has sought out ElectrIQ Marketing to complete a full SEO Optimization. Through this, we are looking forward to bringing relevant and sustainable traffic to From, Mila's website so that they can reach the potential customers they seek. 


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Cousin Sandals

Cousin Sandals creates boutique 1970s and 1980s style sandals. Designed in New York, the company was started by two cousins who love shoes. Now, they have decided to join with ElectrIQ Marketing so that we can complete a full SEO optimization and Google Analytics implementation. Through this, they'll be able to bring relevant, organic, and, most importantly, sustainable traffic to their website.