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Brandon Amoroso

Brandon founded electrIQ marketing with the goal of helping businesses grow their digital footprint and acquire new customers. He has significant e-commerce marketing ability from his extensive work experience with platforms such as Amazon, Google, Facebook & Instagram. In his past role at, he was responsible for building over 7 different brands on a variety of media platforms, growing customer engagement by more than 150% across all brands, lowering CPA costs by 42%.

Brandon is knowledgeable in start-up marketing from running SEO audits, creating innovative content campaigns, and generating national media buzz to providing insights through Google Analytics and target ad buy campaigns. Brandon is always looking for what small changes have the power to improve your business.

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Michael Travlos

Michael specializes in business operations and development. As a business strategist for TrendSetr, a start-up social commerce marketplace, he fine tuned his abilities in financial modeling, data analysis, content marketing, and sales. He believes data has an important story to tell, as it powers the decisions we make. The ability to leverage big data is a pivotal key in the success of a business. Without turning information into actionable insights, companies can become reliant on emotions to make decisions. “A decision without data is just a guess.”

Michael is also a full-time scholarship student athlete at Hillsdale College for their men's basketball team. He is currently majoring in finance, and double minoring in business and applied mathematics, with aspirations of obtaining an MBA of concentrations in business operations and information technology.


Melanie Jiang

Melanie is a current Dean's Scholar at the University of Southern California, majoring in Communications with a double minor in Applied Analytics and Digital Entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Shanghai, and having attended boarding school on the east coast, Melanie has roots in many different areas. She draws on her diverse background to bring unique insights to the electrIQ team.

Melanie has substantial marketing experience through the various positions she has held. She has worked as a Social Media and Client Relations Manager for a luxury clean haircare company, a Chinese market strategist for a watch company, the marketing advisor to a LA startup, and as an event coordinator for the Shanghai International Film Festival. She is excited to combine her past experiences and dive into the world of consulting with electrIQ.


Parker Amoroso

Parker runs the content creation segment of our consulting. This includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, website page design and development, and social media outreach posts. He also works in Search Engine Optimization.

He is a tenacious learner, known for buying textbooks and teaching himself courses on anything that interests him, particularly those relevant to ElectrIQ Marketing. He is always seeking to refine and expand our services on various levels. Fittingly, he consistently gives credence to the often quoted moniker “Content is King” and believes in emphasizing this for our clients. After all, content is one of the most important ways businesses can attract new clients, make key lead-to-customer conversions, and keep their current customer base engaged with their brand, all of which are essential metrics for growing a strong business.


Julia Erickson

Julia designs graphics and assists with social media for Electriq Marketing. She has experience working as a strategist at Accenture Interactive, where she consulted for clients such as Volkswagen, Kraft, and Johnson & Johnson. Julia also ran the blog and email marketing for Volterre, an LA-based sunglasses start-up.

Julia is currently a Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California, where she is studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and a double minor in Applied Analytics and Communication Design. She thrives at the intersection of creativity and data, which fuels her interdisciplinary study.

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Samantha Chow

Sam is an LA-based web designer who builds modern websites driven by strategy and optimized for conversions. She works closely with clients to understand each business’s unique goals and industry landscape to create customized web experiences. Sam brings freelance, startup and agency experience to the team, having started her own company Sam Chow Designs to specialize in designing websites on Squarespace and Wix.

Sam graduated with as a Renaissance Scholar with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Public Relations and minor in Web Technologies and Applications from the University of Southern California. She furthered her web design education by earning her certification in User Experience Research and Strategy from Designlab.

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Justin Bishop

Justin is far too many things to put into a paragraph, but we’ll do our best. He’s our digital storyteller; videographer, film editor, photographer, and an entrepreneur at heart. An adrenaline junkie, and one of the biggest yes men you’ll ever meet.

He’s the friend that your mom warned you about as a kid; “If your friends were to jump off a bridge would you?” There’s a pretty high chance that he jumped off that bridge with a camera. And he did it to create an amazing story to share.

Justin leads our video content creation efforts both internally and for our clients. Check out his work at his portfolio site.


Lynh Tran

Lynh is a web developer based in Los Angeles. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. This combination has allowed her to implement data driven design, specifically within e-commerce. Working for various start-ups in and out of college, she knows what it takes to get a brand noticed on the web and using data to back it. She specializes in e-commerce -- specifically Shopify and WordPress developments. 


Isabel Tangel

Isabel is like a salmon that swims upstream and her tendency to choose the path less traveled contribute to her professional and academic success. With an entrepreneurial spirit and energetic personality, Isabel has become an expert in digital content creation and marketing consulting.

From navigating life in Sydney, Australia and Budapest, Hungary, Isabel maintains a global and progressive mindset. Her passion for travel and writing can be found in her new role as an international student blogger. From her past experience consulting for startup companies, she is knowledgeable in brand recognition and data-driven marketing strategies.

As a current Dean Scholar at the University of Southern California, Isabel continues to immerse herself in the university’s business, academic, and social culture through her leadership roles in the Association of Innovative Marketing (AIM) Organization, alumni mentorships, and guidance of elementary school students in meditative practices. Isabel expands her skill set in pursuit of her passion for marketing by minoring in web development and data analytics. 



Yafen is a current Master of Science student at the University of Southern California, specializing in marketing. Raised in Shenzhen, the so-called ‘Silicon City’ of China, she is remarkably adaptable and thrives on challenges. In her undergraduate, she dedicated three years to an international NGO, Enactus, where she led a team of 65 to initiate and develop social entrepreneurial projects and increase social awareness utilizing social media. Having worked for both a national apparel firm and a designer start-up, she understands how digital marketing can help small businesses thrive in the market while continuing to build her repertoire by learning different digital marketing tactics such as lean generation, account based marketing, mobile, landing page optimization, SEO, PPC and more. She is excited to utilize her unique background to help create value for businesses with electrlQ.



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