Gen-Z Marketing Gurus

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Brandon Amoroso

Brandon founded ElectrIQ Marketing with the goal of helping businesses grow their digital footprint and acquire new customers. He has significant e-commerce marketing ability from his extensive work experience with platforms such as Amazon, Google, Facebook & Instagram. In his past role at, he was responsible for building over 7 different brands on a variety of media platforms, growing customer engagement by more than 150% across all brands, lowering CPA costs by 42%.

Brandon is knowledgeable in start-up marketing from running SEO audits, creating innovative content campaigns, and generating national media buzz to providing insights through Google Analytics and target ad buy campaigns. Brandon is always looking for what small changes have the power to improve your business.

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Michael Travlos

Michael specializes in business operations and development. As a business strategist for TrendSetr, a start-up social commerce marketplace, he fine tuned his abilities in financial modeling, data analysis, content marketing, and sales. He believes data has an important story to tell, as it powers the decisions we make. The ability to leverage big data is a pivotal key in the success of a business. Without turning information into actionable insights, companies can become reliant on emotions to make decisions. “A decision without data is just a guess.”

Michael is also a full-time scholarship student athlete at Hillsdale College for their men's basketball team. He is currently majoring in finance, and double minoring in business and applied mathematics, with aspirations of obtaining an MBA of concentrations in business operations and information technology.


Julia Erickson

Julia designs graphics and assists with social media for Electriq Marketing. She has experience working as a strategist at Accenture Interactive, where she consulted for clients such as Volkswagen, Kraft, and Johnson & Johnson. Julia also ran the blog and email marketing for Volterre, an LA-based sunglasses start-up.

Julia is currently a Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California, where she is studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and a double minor in Applied Analytics and Communication Design. She thrives at the intersection of creativity and data, which fuels her interdisciplinary study.


Parker Amoroso

Parker runs the content creation segment of our consulting. This includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, website page design and development, and social media outreach posts. He also works in Search Engine Optimization.

He is a tenacious learner, known for buying textbooks and teaching himself courses on anything that interests him, particularly those relevant to ElectrIQ Marketing. He is always seeking to refine and expand our services on various levels. Fittingly, he consistently gives credence to the often quoted moniker “Content is King” and believes in emphasizing this for our clients. After all, content is one of the most important ways businesses can attract new clients, make key lead-to-customer conversions, and keep their current customer base engaged with their brand, all of which are essential metrics for growing a strong business.