In-person sales

In person sales mean that your marketing scheme should be geard toward cultivating a local community presence for your brand. Which in turn, means that you should be using location based advertising on sites like:

Google AdWords

Choose specific keywords to target an audience that appeals to the brand and product/service that represents your business. While choosing the keywords, you'll enter phrases you think your customers will be searching, which allows you to choose between the verbiage that likely represents someone with buying intentions. A simple example would be owning a bike shop, targeting searches within a 10 mile radius of your business that contain keyword "bike shop," and having the highest bid for that keyword, would put your business at the top if someone did search for "bike shop near me" on Google.


Facebook advertising for local businesses is intended to create a local reputation with campaign goals of more Conversions, Lead Generation, Store Visits, Catalog Sales, and Store Visits.

Conversions- more overall website conversions through Facebook utilizing simple call-to-action, like "Shop our newest summer collection."

Lead Generation- helpful strategies getting customers to give you an amplitude of information, based on what you are trying to offer or sell.

Store Visits- gain in-store traction by bridging the gap between online interaction and offline interaction with location based marketing that gives your advertisement the competitive advantage of being locationally convenient.

Catalog Sales- use complex re-marketing strategies to retarget your audience on different forms of social media and across various websites with catalog sales. Ever go to a clothing store website, then Facebook, just to see the same shirt you almost bought but now it's 20% off? Yeah, definitely not a coincidence.


Similar to marketing on Instagram in that you have full leverage over the types of people you can target, but rather than targeting people that post pictures it's medium length pieces of content. This can be beneficial or detrimental depending on how the advertisement is conveyed because people on twitter are known for moving onto pieces of content that interest them, rather than reading each post (which would hardly be completed until pigs fly). The most compelling advertisements on twitter always utilize two strategies to intrigue users with short attention spans:

  • short call-to-action strategies

  • videos to entice the audience


As marketing on Facebook can be similar to Instagram, the major difference is that Instagram allows for choosing in-depth market audiences that you think would represent interest in your product. Since Instagram has more trends associated with it than other social media, we recommend using Instagram if your product or service is a common trend amongst people on social media. By using the trends and different browsing tendencies of young to middle-aged people, you can piggyback and create more exposure for yourself.