The basic 1,2,3 of Creative Design at electrIQ marketing.

Creative Design Number 1.jpg

Adjust your design to the personality of your brand.

Every brand has a personality that represents their company's offerings. Your messages will always influence the way customers feel. The ability to use the voice of your product gives you the advantage of allowing customers to feel what it's like to be your customer before they do so. According to Mr. Aristotle, ethos (the emotional appeal) of an argument is the most effective way to get someone on your side - and in this case - buying your product.

Creative Design Number 2.jpg

Create consistent designs and messages: build recognition.


A wise man once said, "consistency is key," and this couldn't be more relevant in creating a brand. The consistency within your story allows the customers to build peripheral recognition of your brand while they are in the market of buying a product or service that you offer. During their shopping they are going to assess every in-and-out of the offering. If two companies have similar prices and convenience, they are going to choose the one that makes them consistently feel the best.


Allow your presence to snowball and gain momentum.

As time passes and the personality of your brand takes over the design (which includes everything from marketing material to the font you use on your website), you'll start to notice that people are choosing you over the competition. Your prices could actually be higher than your competition, but if your product is more convenient to use because of the reputability of your brand then you still have the upper hand. This is why people go to one-stop-shop grocery stores over small food markets: They can get fresh broccoli, the new Greek yogurt they like, and a fresh NY Strip all in the same place, and are happy to pay a small premium to do so.