Creating an Account

It may sound simple, and in many ways it is, but there are a few things small businesses need to know when creating a Google Analytics account that, if overlooked, could be costly. 

An Account you Plan To Keep Forever

When setting up your new Google Analytics account, be sure it's an account you plan on keeping and that only you can access. You can always give access to your Google Analytics account later on down the road (with less than full clearance), but you never want someone else to have full control over it, even a consultant. For all of our clients, they simply send us an invite to manage their Google Analytics. Although this has never happened with our business, there are horror stories of small businesses allowing a consultant to fully control their Google Analytics account, and when the time comes to part ways, the consultant takes all their data with them.

Don't let ANYONE create your Google Analytics Account

We don't care if it's your web designer, web developer, SEO consultant, marketing guru, or your mother do NOT let them create your website's Google Analytics account under their own account so that they can "manage" it for you. You'd like to think that you'll never need to part ways with this person, but in reality there will be a point when you're working relationship expires and they will take your Google Analytics data with them, leaving you to start all over from Point A.

3 Steps to Creating your Google Analytics Account


All you need to do is provide Google with some basic sign up info. This step is pretty simple and self-explanatory.



Once you signup for Google Analytics, you'll get a tracking code to paste onto your pages so Google knows when your site is visited. This must be installed on every page on your website. How you install the tracking code will depend on what type of website you have. For website builders like Squarespace or Wix, you simply put your tracking ID in the header code of your site and it'll appear on every page. If you're using a custom site or a site built from scratch by a developer, have them insert the tracking ID everywhere. For small businesses we typically don't recommend custom sites as it's labor intensive, capital intensive, and maintenance intensive. However, Google Analytics will work with any site.


In only a few hours, you'll be able to see all of the data about your site, the entire reason you setup your account in the first place! From there, begin to learn about your audience and use these insights to improve your site.


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