Carousel Ads: LinkedIN & More

Do you utilize Carousel Ads?

Ads are everywhere. No matter what you are doing, as long as you are connected to the internet, ads are constantly present. As a result, with this influx on ads, it is now more important than ever before to make sure your ads stand out. One of the ways businesses have been grabbing the attention of their viewers is the use of carousel ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

So, what is a carousel ad?

A carousel ad is a scrollable ad unit that allows you to combine multiple images and ads into one interactive advertisement.

This may sound simple but creating the perfect carousel ad isn’t easy. These ads should be engaging, fun, and informative.  Below, we have detailed out a few ways to help craft an ad that will have success in attracting potential future customers.

Proper Photos for Carousel Ads

When choosing the photos for your ad, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Are your photos related, or do they tell a story? Are they high quality and do they really capture what it is you are trying to sell?


This LinkedIn carousel ad image, as seen above, from when they launched the new service gives a great view of what high quality carousel ads look like. This ad engaging, creative, and helps tell the story of the product. The photos seamlessly transition, and are all related. They create an easy to follow flow between the different slides of the carousel ad and they encourage the customer to keep flipping through. Obviously, the photos will be vastly different from company to company, but at the end of the day, they should all have the same qualities as mentioned above.

Have a Goal for your Carousel Ads

Having a goal in mind when creating an ad is always crucial. Obviously, everyone’s goal is to grow their business. But this goal should go beyond that. What demographics are you targeting? Are you trying to raise awareness of your brand or are you trying to make lead-to-customer conversion? All of these will factor in to how your ad should be set up. Carousel ads are very effective ways of garnering potential customers and raising brand awareness, but they don’t reach all demographics equally on all sites. Maybe you product would be best advertised on Instagram. Or maybe it would be best on LinkedIn. All of these are reasons it is crucial to have specific goals in mind for you campaign.

Proper Carousel Ad Phrasing Makes a Difference

Underneath the photos on your carousel ad is your chance to speak to your viewers. It is your one chance to tell them what is great about your product or what you are showing them in the images above. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes, but the words on your carousel ad can be just as important. Why is your product worthwhile? Why should the user click on your ad? What does your product do? What will it do for the user? All of these are things that should be addressed, albeit briefly, in your ad. Plus, more importantly, your phrasing should be enticing but not salesmen-like. Avoiding phrases like “click here” and “buy now” is important. You want to encourage the viewer to click on your ads to learn more, but you don’t want the ad to scream sales pitch.

In the end, carousel ads are a great option for ad campaigns. Whatever you are selling, images can help guide potential customers to your product and site, and the ability to have multiple images in one ad just increases the chances. The aforementioned tips are a great place to get started, but they only scratch the surface. There’s so much opportunity for creative ads in today’s marketing atmosphere and each company brings unique aspects to the table.

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