Optimize your Profile Picture

Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of, and for many businesses the, most important form of customer outreach. Being active on social media and engaging with customers keeps them involved and thinking about your brand and product. This helps encourage repeat customers, and also helps bring in new customers, whether it’s through people seeing their friend’s involvement in the brand or simply stumbling on to your page and seeing how exciting your brand and company are. Still, many companies struggle with the social media aspect of their businesses. Today we’ll discuss just one small yet extremely influential aspect of any good social media business account: the profile picture.

Your Social Profile Picture Represents your Brand

So why is it important? First, it will accompany each and every post you make on social media. As a result, it is important that it represents your brand and is easily recognized. For many businesses, this will be an image of their logo. However, some may find it more beneficial to have an image of their product. For example, if you sell shoes, having an image of a popular pair of shoes can help express your brand and make your posts immediately recognizable. Whatever photo you choose should be your standard photo for all social media. Many people have accounts on multiple social media platforms, so being consistent and having the same profile picture for all your accounts will make sure people can easily recognize your business across all platforms.

High Resolution is a Must

This next consideration may seem obvious, but it is one of the biggest problems we have to address when working with small businesses. The problem is the quality of the company logo. Many businesses have low resolution images of their logos on their website and lack a high-resolution version. This is not good for a few reasons. The first is that google will pull the image from your website and use it in google images. If one of your customers comes across this, it reflects poorly on your business. The same goes for your social media image. This is accessible through google images, and sometimes, the resolution is so low it lacks crispness even when viewed in the social media icon slot. This isn’t a particular difficult fix, but one which is often overlooked, so make sure you consider the quality of the logo you’re presenting.

Image Naming for SEO

The final important aspect part of the profile picture is the name of the file. Whenever uploading images, they should always have relevant names and the same holds true for your icon image. The name should be yourcompanyname.jpeg. This is because when Google finds images across the internet, you want the algorithms to recognize your image. That way, when someone looks up your business on google, your image will be another piece of content linked to your name.

We hope that these tips were helpful and that you can use them to your advantage. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and don’t forget to continue to check back for more blogs posts on how you can take your business marketing to the next level.