Email Marketing Part 1: Introduction

Email Marketing isn’t Dead

Email marketing, despite popular opinion, is still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. According to research and polling done by MECLABS, 72% of U.S. adults prefer to communicate with companies via e-mail.

Anatomy of a Killer Email

  1. Target Recipient

  2. Recognizable Sender (better if it’s from an actual person)

  3. Clear and compelling subject line (under 50 characters)

  4. Branded email

  5. Valuable content

  6. Clear call-to-action

  7. Company info & unsubscribe links/email preference

What’s a Good Email?

A good email is by, for and about people. Emails are NOT by, for, and about robots, so don’t try and take any shortcuts. Keep your emails conversational, imagine you’re talking to a good friend or trying to educate your family member on whatever your content is. A good trick is to read your email out loud in order to check the tone and language. From here, based on what you know about the recipient, you can do some basic segmentation based on language, how the email was acquired, and if there had been any previous action taken.

Check back next week for Email Marketing Part 2: Content