Email Marketing Part 5: Email Systems

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Email Systems

  • Outlook, Gmail, etc (my personal/work email account)

  • Mailchimp

  • Constant Contact

  • Vertical Response

  • iContact

  • Organization’s ticketing system or database

What’s an Email Marketing System?

Email marketing systems are web-based services that are designed to send mass emails. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. It is easy to manage, gives you full control and allows you to establish direct contact with your customers. A good email marketing system allows you to engage your customers in a positive way, effecting loyalty and establishing yourself as a credible source of information. 

  • Approved bulk mailers

  • Follow professional and legal mailing practices

  • Provides listing hosting and subscription management

  • User-friendly and typically requires little to no technical skill

  • Detailed reporting & feedback

Email System vs. Gmail

Your standard email account is NOT designed for email marketing

  • No authentication → easily get blacklisted or identified as spam

  • Can’t track clicks or opens

  • No automatic bounce removal

  • No control over unsubscribing

  • No personalization

  • Poor HTML

Choosing an Email System

Factors to Consider

  • Ease of use

  • Availability of templates/ability to create your own templates

  • Pricing (Per email? Per subscriber?)

  • Ability to segment your lists

Before you choose an email system, ask an expert or do some initial research on your own on the web. Alternatively, reach out to the community, and ask for their experiences and advice. Make sure to know which features are key for your organization so that you don’t end up choosing an email system that doesn’t include one of your sought after attributes. Finally, be sure it fits within your budget. Don’t overextend yourself on an email system unless you have a specific strategy in place.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

Quick Facts

  • 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices (smartphone & tablet)

  • If your email doesn’t look good, it will get deleted or ignored

  • Use a pre-built responsive template or make your template responsive (CSS skills)

Mobile has almost surpassed 50% of total opens while webmail and desktop continues to fall. Ever since Gmail switched to tabs, the number of opens has dropped significantly. However, evidence suggests that engagement is up and unsubscribes are down. This transition to mobile opens has made mobile email optimization increasingly more important. While an email newsletter can look great in a desktop inbox, when squeezed onto a small screen, it can become unusable. Make sure your emails use responsive email design.

Test yourself, how often do you find yourself looking at emails on your phone? Even more so, how often do you find yourself deleting emails on your phone without even opening them? Clearly, mobile responsiveness is important, but if you don't have well-executed subject lines then you'll email will never be opened to begin with. Email marketing is a multi-layered discipline that isn't too difficult to grasp but requires specific attention detail.

Check back Sunday for Email Marketing Part 6: Advanced.