Email Marketing Part 3: Metrics

Do People Read my Emails?

First off, you need to know if people are actually reading the emails you send out. If not, you have to go back to the drawing board and review parts 1 and 2 to further optimize your content to your customer. So what can you use to determine if people are actually reading your emails?

  • Open Rate = #of opens/#of sends
  • Click Through Rate (CTR): # of clicks/#of sends
  • Bounce Rate = #of emails not delivered/# of sends
  • Unsubscribe Rate = #of emails unsubscribed/# of sends

Campaign Metrics

Now that you have some of the basics down, let’s dive a little deeper into Campaign Metrics. The image provided is what a typical email campaign dashboard can be expected to look like.

email campaign dashboard metrics.png
  • Sent  = total emails sent
  • Delivered = total emails delivered
  • Deliverability Rate = delivered emails/sent emails
  • Hard Bounce = an email that doesn’t reach the recipient due to a permanent error
  • Soft Bounce = An email that doesn’t reach the recipient due to a temporary error
  • Opened = raw opens
  • Open Rate = raw opens/delivered emails
  • Clicks = raw clicks
  • CTR, as discussed above, is the # of raw clicks/# of sent emails
  • CTO = raw clicks/raw opens
  • Unsubscribed = raw unsubscribes
  • Unsubscribe rate, as mentioned above, is the #of raw unsubscribes/# of sent emails

Check back next week for Email Marketing Part 4: Sign-ups where we'll discuss how to actually get people to subscribe to your mailing list.