Content Marketing Part 9: Customer-Centric

Content Without Products

Does your company look at content through customers’ eyes? Here’s one way to tell: Look at your marketing content. For starters, riffle through some titles. Do the words typically convey customers’ concerns? Or do they mostly call attention to the things you sell?

Product should not and can not hog your company's content, as you're missing a huge opportunity to educate your customer and to build a lasting relationship of trust. Don't make it about what you sell. Identify the information that your customer is seeking, and provide that to them, with not hidden or ulterior motives.

Customer-Centric Tactics

Tactic 1: Setup a Referral Program

o   Offer an incentive for existing users to invite their friends

Tactic 2: Try Twilighter

o   Encourage social shares by using a service like Twilighter

o   Makes it super easy for your readers to share your content and drive new visitors to your site

Tactic 3: Leverage Your Current Customers

o   Send personalized E-mails to your existing users

Tactic 4: Add social sharing buttons to your site

Tactic 5: Use HELLOBAR

o   One of the more popular lead generation tools available, and it allows you to add these eye-catching notification bars to the top of a webpage

Tactic 6: Create a Survey and Ask Customers for Feedback

o   Invite your existing customers to provide feedback on the next version of your product