Content Marketing Part 6: How to land a Guest Blog Post


Search Tactics

In addition to traditional outreach asking publishers to be featured, a great way to increase PR is to land a guest post or guest blog through sites that are looking for guest authorship. Search for these opportunities through the following search tactics...

o   “Write for us” + Your Industry/Niche + Blog or “Guest Post” + Your Industry/Niche + Blog!

o   Use “quotes” around a term, this tells Google to look exactly for this term, in this particular order.

Strategy in a Nutshell

These tactics apply for both traditional outreach and for soliciting a guest blog post appearance

1) Identify 20-target publications that you want to be a guest author on!

2) Put together a personal brand package: Basically a list of content that you’ve written, bullets on why you are an expert, and what exclusive piece of content you have to offer

3) Track down e-mail addresses of the editor, or use their online form, tweet at them or message them on LinkedIn

4) Wait for responses!

Check back next week for Content Marketing Part 7: Submission & Posting Based Tactics