Content Marketing Part 5: Outreach & Press (PR)


Lasting relationships with relevant bloggers & journalists mean you may never have to spend a dime on marketing. If you have more time than money, you can do everything a PR company will do for you. Here are the 6 main tactics to greatly enhance your PR for free!

Tactic 1: Outreach to bloggers: Invite them to share your content

o   Buzzsumo

o   Twtrland

o   MyBlogU

Tactic 2: Write for Industry-Specific Blogs (More on this next week)

o   Reach out to webmaster of industry specific blogs for spot as a guest author

o   Be sure to include your name and a link back to your site. Great for SEO and link-building

Tactic 3: Outreach to Influencers: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook

o   Influencer marketing

Tactic 4: Reach out to Targeted Customers on LinkedIn

o   Have a compelling subject line

o   No more than 3 paragraphs and 3 sentences per paragraph (3x3 rule)

o   Make it about them, not selling your product

Tactic 5: Contact School Alumni

o   Leverage their advice and assistance

Tactic 6: Pinpoint a new journalist at a big publication, offer them an exclusive on your content

o   Provide them with data that only you have access to

o   Help the new journalist look good

Check back next week for Content Marketing Part 6: How to land a Guest Blog Post