Content Marketing Part 4: Blogging Alternatives

Developing your Content Marketing Plan


2 main questions should drive your inbound marketing:

1) What channels should I pursue?

2) What tactics will move the needle?

Embrace your Expertise

We touched on blogging last week, but what are some other examples of content? Infographics, blog posts, viral memes, slide-shares, whitepapers, how to guides, viral videos, giveaways, webinars, free tools, industry reports, news/press releases, etc. When pursuing any of these, remember that you are an expert your business field. Don’t be timid or afraid in putting this knowledge to good use and asserting your opinion. And be sure of your content, a common misconception is the lifespan of your content ends when you hit the publish button. In reality, the lifespan of content BEGINS when you hit PUBLISH.

Example Channels

In all of these channels, the Golden Rule of Content Marketing applies: In order to get value you must give value! You can't expect your infographic to generate your company 100 leads if it's not well-designed or educational.

-       Allows you to monitor, in real-time, anything published on the web and social networks

-       React by having an alert triggered by a keyword or key phrase you set up

Google Alerts

-       Content change detection and notification service

-       Service sends emails when it finds new results – such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research – that match the user’s search term

-       Great way to find authors, bloggers, and websites in your niche

Free Press Release

-       Submit a free press release using a service like PRlog

Create an infographic

-       Download free templates online

-       Share on free distribution sites like

Our Competitor vs. Our Company

-       Post called “Our competitor vs. Our Company”

-       This will attract search engine traffic looking for reviews of competitor


-       Create and submit a presentation to Slideshare

-       Stuff the description with keywords related to your business

-       Anyone doing research into a particular solution will stumble upon it


-       How to Guide for something that is generally very difficult in your industry

Check back next week for Content Marketing Part 5: Outreach & Press (PR)